School has its own transport facility to carry the students safely from every corner of the entire city. Home picks and drop facility is for the children of class Nursery to class XII. The school provides transport facility for the convenience of its students. A high degree of discipline apart from safety and comfort of the students is maintained while travelling in the bus.

School has its own library,the library stocks a wide range of books fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, covering a wide range of subjects across all ages and cater to the reading appetite of every student. The collection is replenished from time to time.

The new revolutionary program in school education system is Smart Classes that ... overhead projector, wireless internet access, DVD player and a smart board.

We at Mallikarjun School believe that physical activity through sports and games is essential ingredient for development of every student. We believe that sports and academics are not only compatible but also complimentary in realizing child's potential. Activity on -playfield develops the qualities of teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem. Sports equip students to face the challenges of increasingly competitive world. A faculty of highly qualified and experienced instructors endeavors to develop the finest sportspersons and teams.

Theoretical knowledge is incomplete without Practical knowledge. We feel very essential for all students to be computer literate, scientifically educated and calculatedly excelled, therefore well-equipped laboratories for Computer, Science & Mathematics respectively are provided where the students bring their learning into practice and explore the knowledge.