From the Principal’s Desk

In the 21st century the whole world has changed to a completely new perspective. The changing world has also changed the process of parenting as well as teaching. The present generation will argue with you with their logic and you have to be prepared for all the answers in such a way that they don’t feel that we are alien to them.

Our children are the torchbearers of the future. Every generation is judged by how it raises its children. To retain the best in our traditions and cultures, while shaping global citizens of tomorrow, it is the great responsibility to be shouldered by teachers and parents of today. The Mallikarjun School Bhimtal strives to provide the ideal conditions for young minds and hearts and limbs to integrate with Life. It is truly A School called Life. We persevere to bring forth in our children, character and a sense of uniqueness and destiny. Above all we want our children to think of their alma mater as the place where they received the strongest foundation and the finest inputs of Life.

With Best Wishes

Mr. L.K Rawat